Home Life Can you spot the hidden mobile phone on this rug?

Can you spot the hidden mobile phone on this rug?

Now, this is seriously hard! Can you spot the mobile phone hidden on this rug?

This image depicts a living room table standing on a patterned carpet. And somewhere in the picture is a hidden mobile phone. Can you find it?

Image: Jei Yah Mei

The picture has been going viral recently and it’s driving people crazy, as they can’t for the life of them find the phone. If you can’t see it either, one way to make it easier is to divide the picture up into four sections.

Image: Jei Yah Mei

Still don’t see it? Hint: Look in the upper right corner, near the table leg.

Image: Jei Yah Mei





I admit that I actually didn’t find it until I saw the answer. The reason is that the cell phone’s case has the same pattern as the carpet. The only thing that gives it away is the camera on the back of the phone.

Image: Jei Yah Mei

Image: Jei Yah Mei

Were you able to spot the cell phone? Maybe now you can understand why this photo has been shared around the internet millions of times, it’s a tough cookie even for the most detail-oriented of us to spot!

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