Can You Solve This Simple Math Problem?

How Old Is My Brother?

Everyday math can be very useful in calculating tip percentages or the amount of discount you might get at a sale.

You might not need trigonometry or algebra every single day, but basic arithmetic is extremely useful outside of a classroom. It’s good to exercise your math skills so you can keep up with the everyday math you might need. Why don’t you give it a try below?

Can you figure out the correct answer to this riddle?

Now think carefully, don’t rush.

I will admit that I myself was a little quick with my answer when I first saw this riddle.

If you are unsure, please take your time and read it again.

We will show you the answer below!





The correct answer is that the brother is now 56 years.

When this person was 8, then the brother was half of age, which means the brother’s age was 8×1/2 = 4 years. This means this person is older than the brother by 4 years.

This age difference will be persistently maintained throughout the life of both.

Brother’s present age = This person’s age – Age difference.

60 – 4 = 56 years. Brother’s present age = 56 years.

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