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Can You Solve ALL Of The Riddles In This Tricky Series? Take 6

We love a good riddle – it gets your brain working and is the perfect midday distraction! We have collected a series of challenging riddles to test your mental acuity! Test yourself and see if you can figure it out without peeking at the answer.

1. A man is alone in his house washing dishes. When he looks down, there are more glasses in the sink than there were before. How?

2. As a stone inside a tree, I’ll help your words outlive thee. But if you push me as I stand, the more I move the less I am.

3. What was the world’s biggest island before Australia was discovered?

4. There are 6 oranges in a basket. 6 people split them so that everyone ends up with an orange. Then why is there still an orange in the basket?

5. At first I am rich then at the very end it sadly gets hard. What’s my name?

6. I won’t give my love to Rose, I won’t give his rose to Mary. But combine my past lovers and you’ll see who I wanna marry.

7. Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name?

Could you work it out? Here is the answer:





1. His glasses fell into the sink when he looked down.

2. A pencil.

3. Australia. Just because it wasn’t discovered, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

4. The first 5 people took an orange from the basket. Instead of taking the remaining fruit, the last person took the basket.

5. Richard.

6. Rosemary

7. Johnny

How many answers did you get right?

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