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Can you solve this math riddle from middle school – in under 10 seconds?

Recently, a new type of challenge has appeared on the net, although the quizzes themselves are not particularly new.

It’s about good old school mathematics.

Trying this kind of challenge is exciting and fun, especially if it was a bunch of years since you last went to school.

It’s important to really think about it and try to remember those old rules of math your teacher kept writing on the chalkboard many years ago.

In addition, you must exercise your competitive instinct as well, which is always fun.

Can you figure out the solution for this mathematics quiz – without a calculator?

Okay, now onto the challenge itself.

In the picture below, we see a mathematics problem made for middle schoolers.

The challenge: are you able to solve it without a calculator?

Remember the order of operations. What part should you solve first?


Think about it carefully so you answer correctly!

Below the next picture, you will find the correct answer.




Here’s the answer.

In evaluating the expression 6-1×0+3÷3, we use the PEMDAS mnemonic device, which tells us the correct operator precedence.

So applying theory to your question, we must evaluate the multiplication and division operations first, then the addition and subtraction. Therefore:


= 6-(1×0)+(3÷3) [items within parenthesis are evaluated first]

= 6-0+1

= 7

The answer is then 7. 

Did you get it right? Congratulations!

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Solve this tricky math problem without using a calculator