Can you solve this math problem using nothing but regular school math?

Solve this math problem without a calculator but regular school math

The challenge below is a classic math problem similar to the ones they give kids in primary school.

It is important to remember the order of operations to get the correct result, which is not easy after all these years.

Here comes the task. Can you solve it?

Did you figure out the answer? If not, we’ll reveal it after the picture below.





You have to first, as I said, figure out the order of operations.

Should you just solve everything from left to right?

Well, no. Not really.

You must solve the multiplication before the addition.

14 – 3 x 2 – 5 = ?

14 – 6 – 5 = ?

Now, on the other hand, after solving that part – you can actually solve the rest from left to right.

In conclusion, it becomes very simple – and now I think you know the answer!

Below you can see the solution!

14 – 3 x 2 – 5 = ?

14 – 6 – 5 = ?

8 – 5 = ?

= 3. The answer is 3. 

Did you manage to solve this math problem?

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