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Can You Solve This Kids Math Problem Adults Seem To Alway Get Wrong

This problem, however, is driving the internet mad. There are debates in offices and across dinner tables worldwide over what the correct answer to this kids math problem is.

Can You Solve The Kids Math Problem That’s Driving The Internet Crazy?

Can you get right answer?






RSome people claim the answer is 16. Others say that it is 1.

Here’s the thing: They are both right.

But how could a math problem have two correct answers? Is math not supposed to be the one thing that is right and wrong, plain and simple, with no gray areas?

In some areas of the world, children are taught the acronym BEDMAS to remember how this works. BEDMAS stands for:

B – brackets
E – exponents
D – division
M – multiplication
A – addition
S – subtraction
Follow the rules of BEDMAS, and you will arrive at 16 as your answer.

In other places, however, children are taught PEMDAS. This stands for:

P – parenthesis (brackets)
E – exponents
M – multiplication
D – division
A – addition
S – subtraction
If you use PEMDAS, your answer will be 1.

Will leave it to you to debate with method is the “right” one.

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