Can You Solve This Confusing Math Puzzle? Only 2% Can.

This maths riddle may seem simple but it has been driving the internet wild! You have to really remember your maths rules in order to solve it. Over 60% of 20-somethings in Japan didn’t get the correct answer so take your time and think about it before you answer.

Now, Let’s challenge yourself by this post:

1365 + 4573 - 1364 + 135 = ?

Ok so you can see the math riddle above, It’s not hard but need you to concentrate

Just take your time, jot it down if you need to!

The solution is written below 🙂

1365 + 4573 – 1364 + 135 = 1365 – 1364 + 135 + 4573 =

= 1+ 135 + 4573 = 4709

So, the right answer is 4709.


Which cup will fill up first?


Which cup will fill up first?

It’s pretty simple but it can get tricky at the same time. Concentrating and organizing the brain and the eyes is critical. Now we’ll see if you can do it, and just have 10 seconds to make it fair.

What is your answer?







Several paths are blocked

Now check if you solved it correctly, here is the answer!

It’s NOT cup 1 that will up first, because the path has a blockade at the beginning.

It is also NOT cup 2 that’ll fill up first, because the path has a blockade at the end.

And it’s NOT cup 4 that will up first either, because the path has a blockade in the middle.

Could it be that cup 3 is the only one that can fill up, and therefore, the first one to do it? The answer is yes!

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