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Can you solve this basic Math test?

Can you solve this basic math test?

Can you solve this Math Puzzle? You should share this puzzle with your friends if you enjoyed it.

7 + 7 ÷ 7 + 7 * 7 – 7 =

Remember No calculator!







The Answer is: 50
7 + (7 / 7) + (7 * 7) – 7 = 50


Are You Smart Enough To Solve This Math Problem? Most People Get It Wrong

Simple matters of addition are usually considered child’s play. What if you arrange a couple of laughably easy equations in a specific order and then add a logical question to them? Then they can become a real puzzler.

Take a look at the math puzzle below and see what you make of it. Also, check the clock before you start. How fast can you do this?

Mull it over a few minutes and then write down your answer. Don’t cheat by scrolling down, however!

Alright, pencils down. Have you reached a solution? How fast did you get it?




The Solution

Here is how we can break it down:

First of all, we need to start solving the multiplication. 60 times 0 equals 0.

Then you can continue with the rest of the equation. Now add 60 + 0 + 1.

And there you have the solution: 61

What answer did get? Did you pick the right one? If so, congratulations! You’ve passed today’s math test with flying colors.

60 +60 x 0 + 1 = ?


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