Can you Score A Perfect Score On This Visual Quiz Without Cheating?

How good are your visual skills? See if you can find the odd one out in all stages of this challenge. If you can well done, you’ve just completed the most difficult visual quiz out there.

Take your time.

The odd is the difference letter.







It’s Letter N

Can you find it?

Try your best before you see the answer:

How fast did you find letter N?


Most people answer this test incorrectly – but how many circles are there?

Optical illusions

How many circles can you see?
Below is a visual puzzle that has left hundreds of thousands tearing their hair in despair.

How many circles can you see in the picture?

When you first look at the image, it looks like a mess, but if you look closer, you may be able to tell them apart.

Below, after the next picture, you’ll find the solution.

The correct answer is 5 circles

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