Can You Identify The Odd One In This Difficult Test?

Can you find the odd one out?

The challenge below is a typical example of what my friends and I usually send to each other. You need to find the letter that’s different from the rest in the picture. Focus all your senses.

Here’s the picture. Can you find the odd one out?

Let’s begin:

1. Find the odd one!

2. Find the odd one!

3. Find the odd one!

How is it going? Are those brain cells feeling a little tingly yet? Do not throw it the towel, just the beginning. We have got your back! The mind only gives up if you tell it to, so push on! We trust that you’ll do good! Push on ahead! You’ve got this!

4. Find the odd one out!

Can you find the odd one out in less than 30 seconds?

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