Can You Find The Letter That Stands Out?

This optical illusion is pretty simple, all you need to do is look at the picture and find out the letter that stands out.

Make sure that you concentrate as it is very hard.

Now it’s time for the next one, try and focus on anything that looks slightly odd to figure it out.

To make this a little more difficult, you only have 10 seconds to find the odd letter so be prepared.

Can you spot it in under 10 seconds?

Were you able to find the odd letter P? If not, it’s ok, we’ve circled it in red for you.

This one was definitely harder but if you managed to find the odd W then you really have proven that you have excellent concentration skills.

If you haven’t managed to find it, don’t worry, the answer can be found below:

The W looks like two V’s close together so it can be tricky to find it.

Simple puzzle to check your vision

If you think you can spot virtually anything, then check it right now.

Give this easy puzzle a try.

Did you find the odd symbols?

It seemed simple at first but what made it even more challenging was that you were not sure how many objects you had to spot. If you noticed it, you are a genius. Great job!

Here is the picture to check if you were right.

Can you find the “y” in less than 60 seconds?

Did you do it? If you struggled, don’t worry – practice makes perfect. We have the solution for you, right below.

Scroll down for the answer.








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