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Can you figure out what the father’s fifth son is called?

I found the riddle below online earlier this week. Only 1 in 10 people can get the answer straight according to most websites. But I don’t think only 10% of the people that try can solve it. It’s not that hard, as long as you concentrate.

At the same time, it feels like the kind of tests that either you solve right away, or you take forever to do. Either because you miss something or due to your mind taking you in the wrong direction.

Anyway – here’s the puzzle:

John’s father has 5 sons. Alan, Blan, Clan, Dlan – and can you guess the name of the fifth son?

Yes, the question makes it pretty obvious. It’s just a matter of knowing the alphabet. Right?




If you already know the correct answer, you can almost say that you are a genius. You belong to the 10% who guessed the answer right away. If you have not come up with a solution, you can see the answer below.

The name of the fifth son is John.

“John’s father has 5 sons,” so John is the last son the question is referring to.

Congratulations to you!

The riddle that only a few people can solve: Are you able to do it?

Most adults get it wrong: Are you clever enough to pass this tricky test?

Can you figure out the answer?

That’s why, today, I wanted to invite you to try to solve these 2 tricky riddles below!

It is said that only a few can solve them on their first try, so that’s why we included an extra one.

Only 17% of people can correctly answer the world's shortest IQ questions

Let’s do this!

Can you figure out the correct answer to this riddle?

Now think carefully, don’t rush.

I will admit that I myself was a little quick with my answer when I first saw this riddle.

If you are unsure, please take your time and read it again.

We will show you the answer below!




Here is the answer

The correct answer is that the brother is now 16 years. Most people think the brother is now 9 years, but remember that the siblings have a two-year difference, things get clearer if you think about it that way.

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