A blonde gets her haircut while wearing a pair of headphones.

A blonde gets her haircut while wearing a pair of headphones.
The hairdresser asks her to take them off, but she protests that she’ll di…e without them.

The hairdresser sighs and starts cutting the hair around the headphones.

Soon, the blonde falls asleep, and the hairdresser removes the headphones.

A few minutes later, the blonde collapses, de//ad on the floor.
Alarmed, the hairdresser puts the headphones to his ear and hears, “Breathe in. Breathe out.”


Read to the end: Kindergarten teaches her student the word “frugal”

A kindergarten teacher spent a few minutes each morning teaching a new word to her class.

She told the class the word and its meaning then asked them to write a few sentences containing the word of the day.

One day, the teacher said that the word for the day was “frugal.”
She explained that frugal had to do with saving, and a frugal person is one who saves.

She then asked the class to come up with a sentence for the word.

The class looked a little puzzled and sat in silence for a few seconds until a little girl raised her hand.

Instead of just a sentence, she came up with a little story:

“There once was a princess who was stuck in a tall tower.
There was a spell on all of the doors, so she couldn’t get out.
One day, she heard a young prince who was walking by and singing.

The princess called out of the tower, ‘Frugal me! Frugal me!’
So, the prince frugal her and they lived happily ever after.”

Children is funny, right?

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