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My blonde friend story

I used to have a best friend that was a blonde.

One day we were talking about a cute guy who was very boring sometimes and really cute sometimes.

We pretended to date so that I would be able to avoid her. After the date, I told her that he wasn’t my boyfriend.

She asks “So what is he?”.

I say “Let’s just say he’s the opposite of ‘my boyfriend.” Then she says “So he’s your girlfriend?”

did you laugh?


A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are all running from the cops.

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead run away from the cops. They run to an old barn and hide in sacks of potatoes

The policeman chasing her enters the barn and looks for her. He kicks the first bag with the redhead and the redhead says “Arf arf!” The cop thinks it’s a dog, so walks to the next one.

He kicks the second bag, with the brunette, and she says “Meow, meow.” The cop thinks it’s a cat and moves on.

He kicks the third bag, with the blonde, and the blonde yells “Potato, potato!”

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