A blonde buys a puzzle and takes it home.

A blonde buys a puzzle and takes it home.

After an hour she has none of it together, so she gets frustrated and calls her boyfriend Anant

She says ” I just bought this puzzle, but I can’t find any of the edges and none of the pieces fit together”.

He asks her what is the picture supposed to be.

She says ” a rooster”.

He says ” I’ll be over in a minute to help you”.

When Anant gets there he says “damn honey! put all those cornflakes back in the box!

Are you tired of blonde joke?


A Blonde reached college late.


A Blonde reached college late.

Blonde: Good morning sir.

Anant: Why are you so late?

Blonde: Sir, a boy was following me in the way”

Anant: But why are you late.

Girl: Sir, that boy was walking very slow.




A blonde girl runs into the pub hysterically shouting “help there’s a black man chasing me”

A bunch of lads gets together looking when the girl again shouts “quick he’s there creeping on the floor” After looking dismayed one calmly informs her

“that’s your shadow love”

Which one is funnier?


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