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There is a bird hidden in this picture… but can you spot it?

Lately, this visual puzzle has taken the web by storm.

You could say the reason is that they were not intended to be optical illusions when created.

Still, the camouflage effect was so impressive they naturally went viral.

Some animals have an incredible ability to become one with their surroundings.

Our challenge, which made thousands tear their hair out, this image shows a series of rocks situated in the Highlands of Scotland.

Somewhere in this picture, however, a bird is hiding.

Your task, which most people fail, is to find it. Can you do it within 20 seconds?

Cre: Credit: Caters News Agency

It wasn’t that simple, right?

Some of you, with a good eye for detail, probably found the bird right away – but for many, it’s quite a challenging task.

Just deciding where to look for the bird is tricky.

However, below you can see where the little devil is located.




For those who can’t see Scotland’s most famous bird, the grey-colored grouse is sat in the bottom left hand of the picture, just in front of the rocks.

Cre: Credit: Caters News Agency

Initially, the image looks just like a pile of rocks, but when you look closer you can see a grouse hiding in front.

Did you find the bird?

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