An Old Man Came Into A Shop.

An elderly man walked into a store with a “Salesman Wanted” sign in a window.

He walked up to the owner and said, “I-I-I w-w-want that j-joooob-b.”

“I don’t know if this job would suit you because of your speaking impediment,” said the owner.

“I h-h-have a w-wi-wiiiife and s-s-s-six k-k-kkkids, iii-I need this thi-thi-this j-j job!” the man said.

“OK. Here are three Bibles. Go out and sell them,” the owner said.

So the man went out and came back an hour later.

“H-here-sss, your money M-M,” the older man said.

The owner was impressed, so he gave the man an extra dozen Bibles and sent him out.

The man came back in two hours later and said, “Her-ers y-yooour m-m-money.”

The owner said, “This is fantastic. You sold more Bibles in three hours than anyone has sold in a week. Tell me, what do you say to the people when they come to the door?”

“W-well,” said the old man, “I r-r-ring the d-door bell, a-a-and s-s-say ‘H-Hel-Hello, M-m-maaaaddam, d-d-do you w-w- want t-t-t-to buy thi-thi-this B-B-Bible, oooor d-d-do y-you w-w-want m’me t-toooo read it t-t-t-t-to you?


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

An Old Man In Pawn Shop.

An old man walks up to the counter of a pawn shop with an old, weathered guitar. 

“I’d like your expert opinion on this guitar, how much do you think it’s worth?” asks the old man.

The pawnbroker looks it up and down.

“Well I can tell right now that there’s a little warping in the neck, the lacquer is faded and there are scratches and dents all over it. It’s an old, well-played guitar but I don’t think it’s worth any more than twenty bucks.”

The old man reaches his hand out and says.

“Okay, if that’s what you think it’s worth, you have a deal!”

“Great!” Replies the pawnbroker, shaking his hand.

“Here’s twenty bucks.” Says the old man.

“I’ll buy it right now!”

The broker stops and suddenly looks confused.

“Wait, buy?” He asks.

“Yes!” Smiles the old man as he flips the guitar over.

“This one has a sticker price of $150, but now that I have your honest opinion I think twenty bucks is a great deal.”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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