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Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat

Can you find the cat?

Here comes today’s challenge.

Below, we can see a picture of a bed.

But somewhere in the picture, a little cat is hiding.

Can you find it?

Take a close look. Not everyone can find the kitten in this image, at least not on their first try.

In other words, it isn’t easy.

Have a few clues

Did you find the cat? If not, here is the picture again, zoomed in to give you less ground to cover.

Do you see it now?

Easier now? After the next image, you’ll see the correct answer.




The cat is here

If you found the cat, congratulations! You are one of the few people who found it on their own.

If not, no worries, you’ll find the correct answer in the picture below.

Yes, there’s the cat!

The person who took this picture did it at the perfect moment!

So cool! It’s like the little rascal was trying to hide in plain sight.

Did you find the cat?

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