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Almost everybody gets it wrong on the first try: Can you spot the dog hidden among the cows?

Thousands of people couldn’t crack this puzzle

When I found it on the internet, it was talking about how hard it was and how the puzzle couldn’t be solved even by thousands of users.

Below is a picture of a lot of cows. But somewhere in the picture, there is a dog hiding. Can you find him?

Cre pic: Tama

Having trouble finding it?

Don’t worry you are not alone. It’s usually very difficult to find the target in these kinds of optical images.

This kind of exercise puts an emphasis on how people search through space and a visual environment.

Basically, you are finding a target in a mass of distracting objects. The reason why some find it is because they have better eye-brain combinations and good spatial concentration.

Once you practice a lot you can easily spot the odd one out.

Here is the dog hiding in the picture. Scroll down for an answer …





Cre pic: Tama

Did you find him without cheating?

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