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Age riddle: How old am I?

Many people love solving riddles and brain teasers. In current times, one can see a surge in this kind of social media forwards as well.

While the trend of tricky riddles is still on recently the trend of sending some weird riddles is soaring as well. Check out one such viral riddle that has been popular for a while now.

the aging riddle is:

When my father was 31 I was 8. Now he is twice as old as me. How old am I? Riddle?

You have 2 minutes to solve it

Take your time!

1 more minute!

scroll down to check out the answer:




Since we have given that Age of father = 31 years Age of son = 8 years. So, the difference between their age is given by (31-8=23)

Now, let the age of his father be ‘x’.

Let the age of his son be ‘x-23’.

According to question, we get that x=2(x-23); x=2x-46; 46=2x-x


Hence, the age his father is 46 years old and the age of his son would be 23

Hence, the age of the son is 23 years.

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