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Most adults fail this tricky math test – but can you figure out the right answer?

Can you solve this tricky math test?

What should you solve first? What’s the easiest way to solve this math test? Can you do it mentally or do you need a paper?

Yes, there are many issues that can circulate around your head when attempting to solve more advanced math from back in school.

Now it is time to see how much you remember – it’s important to know exactly where to start when the math test involves different methods of operations. To make it easier for you, we’ll give you 2 different options.

Good luck!

Did you find the correct answer?

12 +2 (5 - 2) = ?

Make sure you started from the right place – just solving straight from left to right can easily mess you up.

Below we will present the correct answer.





Remember your PEMDAS order of operations.

What do you think the answer is? 2 or 18?

If you used the PEMDAS rule you would have to do the question in the parentheses first, which is 5 – 2, which equals 3.

Then you must shift over to the left equation and do 12 ÷ 2= 6.

Then you have to multiply 6 x 3 which equals 18 and there is your answer!

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