A mother stops his son from shoving candy into his face

A boy is shoving candy into his face when his mom yells at him to stop.

“Don’t eat so much candy all at once!”

“Why?” the boy replied.

“If you eat too much candy, your stomach will get bigger, and bigger, and it will eventually explode!”

The boy is shocked by this image and immediately stops eating candy.

The next day, the boy and mom go to church together, and the boy sits down next to a very visibly pregnant woman.



The boy looks at her stomach, then up to her face, and says, “I know what you’ve been doing.”

A blonde walks into a shoe store

A blonde walks into a shoe store and tries on a pair of shoes.

“How do they feel?” asks the sales clerk.

“Well, they feel a bit tight,” replies the blonde.

The assistant promptly bends down and has a look at the shoes and the blonde’s feet.

“Try pulling the tongue out,” offers the clerk.




“Nath, they still feelth a bit tight,” the blonde replies.

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