A man waits for his breard coming in

A young idiot is told that it looks like his beard is coming in, so he goes down to the gate to wait for it to arrive.

While he’s waiting a friend sees him and asks what he’s doing.

“I’m waiting for my beard, I was told it was coming in,” Says the idiot.



“No wonder people call you an idiot,” says the friend. “How do you know it’s not coming in from the other gate?”

A man walks into a barbershop and says

A man walks into a barbershop and says, “I’ll have a shave and a shoeshine.”

The barber lathers his face and sharpens the straight edge while a gorgeous woman kneels down and shines his shoes.

The man says, “Hi there. You know, would you like to spend time with me in a nice place.”

She replies, “My husband wouldn’t like that.”

The man says, “Tell him you’re working overtime, I’ll give you more money”



She says, “You tell him. He’s the one shaving you.”

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