A Man Is Driving Down A Country Road.

A man is driving down a country road when he loses control of his car and ends up in a ditch.

He gets out of the car and knocks on the door of a farm to ask for help.

He explains his situation to the farmer.

The farmer gets his horse and they walk to the crash scene.

The farmer then uses a rope to tie the horse to the car.

“Pull, Zoomer, pull” the farmer shouts, but the horse doesn’t move.

“Pull, Radar, pull” the farmer yells again, but again, the horse stands still.

“Pull, Dasher, pull,” the farmer yells, but the horse stands still.

Pull, Dusty, pull,” shouts the farmer, and the horse finally gets the car out with minimal effort.

The driver is stunned and asks the farmer, “Why do you call your horse different names?”

You see,” the farmer replies, “Dusty is blind.

“If he knew he was working by himself, he wouldn’t have pulled.”


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A Man Walks Into a Car Dealership

A man walks into a car dealership.

A salesman greets him at the door and after some talking, they end up taking a car for a test drive.

“This car is so quiet, sir,” exclaims the salesman, “the ride is calm and relaxing”.

The man shakes his head, “No, I’m buying this car for my wife and I certainly wouldn’t describe her as the ‘quiet and calm’ type”.

The salesman quickly transfers his potential buyer to another car.

“So maybe that would be more her style!” This car is quick, sleek, and agile”.

The man sighs, “No, my wife is definitely not the ‘sleek’ type by any means.”

Frustrated, the salesman transfers the man to a third car, a sure winner.

“Well, sir, I know this car is very popular. Nearly every man who has been here has taken it for a test drive-“



Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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