A brunette walks into a bar.

A brunette walks into a bar and says, ”Gimme an M L.”

The bartender says, ” What’s an M L?”

She says, ” A Miller Light.”

Another Brunette walks in and says, “Gimme a B L.”

The bartender says, ”What’s a B L?”

She says, ”Bud Light.”

A dumb blonde walks in and says, ”Gimme a 15.”

The bartender says,” What’s a fifteen?”



She says,” 7&7, duh!”

One salad: $3, three salads: $10!

One salad: $3, and three salads: $10!

At the marketplace, a seller advertises “1 salad for $3, 3 salads for $10”.

A customer passing by stops and speaks with the seller:

-That’s not right!

-What do you mean?

-Well, that’s not an offer: 3 salads cost $9.

-No, sir, it says here that 3 salads cost $10.<br>
-I know, but how much do I pay if I buy 1 salad?


-And if I buy 2?


-Yes, because 3+3=6, now what about 3+3+3?

-That makes 9.

-So 3 salads cost $9.

-No sir, they cost $10, written just over there, on that board.

The client can’t fathom such stubbornness in another human being and proceeds to prove his point to the seller:

-Here, let me buy a salad.

-That will be $3, sir.

-Now, I’d like one more salad.

-That will be $3 again, sir.

-Finally, let me buy one last salad.

-That will also be $3, sir.

-How much did I pay you those 3 salads?

-$3+$3+$3, your paid $9.

-See? 3 salads are worth $9, not $10, you won’t sell much salads of you do it this way.

-Yes sir, I almost sold all my stock to people like you wanting to prove they’re smarter than me by buying 3 salads they don’t need, to make sure they are superior. My technique works! Besides, I can overprice those salads to $3 and no one bats an eye!

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