A blonde woman is walking two dogs

A blonde woman is walking two dogs, one White and the other Black.

An old lady walking down the same street notices them and since it’s a breed she’s never seen before, she’s curious and walks up to the woman.

“Wow, these dogs are adorable. What kind are they?”

The blonde smiles and goes, “Which one, the White one or the Black one?”

The old lady is a bit confused by this question since they looked similar, but figured there was a reason.

She goes along, “The White one?”

“It is a Hungarian Puli,” says the blonde proudly.

The old lady continues, “And the Black one?”

To which the blonde replies, “Also a Hungarian Puli.”

The old lady finds the line of answering a little odd but she is still curious and has more questions, so she continues.

“Look at that coat of hair. Do they shed a lot?”

To which the blonde goes, “Which one? The black or the white?”

A little frustrated, the old lady goes along again, “The White one?”

The blonde chimes in, “No, she doesn’t shed.”

Then the old continues, “And the Black one?”

“He doesn’t shed either”, the blonde says.

The old lady shakes her head at this but continues her line of questioning.

“It must be challenging keeping them groomed. How often do you have to bathe them?”

The blonde recites, “The White one or the Black one?”

Hoping the answers are different this time, the old lady plays along again, “The White one.”

Blonde goes, “Twice a week.”

The old lady continues, “And the Black one?”

Blonde goes, “Twice a week as well.”

The old lady has finally had it. She melts down. “B-itch!!! Why do you keep wanting me to separate my questions when your answers are the same for both of them? It would be different if they were a different breed or you didn’t know the answers to one of them because you didn’t own them.”

Now a little terrified, the blonde goes, “Well, the white one is mine.”

The old lady, now a little repentant at her outburst, goes, “And the Black one?”.

“Also mine.”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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