A blonde, brunette, and red head are all talking about their dreams

A blonde, brunette, and redhead are all talking about what their dreams were when they were kids. The brunette says, “I wanted to be a princess. I was so dumb.”

The red head says, “I wanted to be a movie star. I was so crazy.”

The blonde says, “I wanted to be the first person to travel around the sun, but I still haven’t given up.”

The brunette tells her, “If you came that close to the sun you would burn.”



The blonde laughs at her, “That’s why I would go at night!

Baggage Check

I fly often for business. Yesterday, I had three bags to check.

I said, “I’d like this bag to go to New Orleans, this one to Seattle, and the third to Chicago.”

The gate agent rolled her eyes and said, “We can’t do that!”



I said, “Why not? You did it last week.”

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