a blond and a redhead enter an elevator

A blond and a redhead enter an elevator being held for them by a courteous gentleman in a dark business suit.

While thanking him for his kind act, they both notice that the man has flaked on his shoulders.

The redhead whispers to the blond…”He looks like he could use some head and shoulders”

The blond looks at her friend and replies with a look of bewilderment…‘Yes, but how do you give shoulders?’

A man is getting into a nice warm bath to relax.

Once he is situated he hears the doorbell ring. He is mad but he gets up and dries off. As he is walking to the door he falls to the ground hurting his back. When he finally gets to the door the person at the door says “Oh, sorry. I think I’m at the wrong house.”

The man is angry so he yells “Are you serious?”



The person at the door replies “Chill out man, you need to take a hot bath or something.”

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