Only 1 In Every 2,000 People Can Pass This Test. Can You Find Odd One Out In 60 Seconds?

This one is an easy brain teaser for everyone. In this one has to find the Emoji which is different from others. One has to carefully observe all the Emoji pictures and one Emoji picture will differ from others. Can you find the Emoji which is the odd one out quickly?

Let’s start.

1. can you find the odd snowmen.

2. Where is the odd monkey?

3. Can you spot the black heart

4. The last one is not an easy one

Were you able to find them all in under 2 minutes?

Let us know in the comments.

If you did, congratulations! Your visual skills are top-notch and you likely have no problem finding the things you’re searching for in life. If not, keep practicing and you’re sure to improve! Simply engaging in mind puzzles yields positive mental benefits, so indeed everyone’s a winner!

If you can not find them all, check answer bellow:





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