Only 1 in 7 adults finds the correct answer: How many holes does the hat have?

I found this riddle online earlier today. Apparently, according to different websites, only 1 in 7 adults gets the right answer on their first try. Therefore, I felt that a little challenge would be good fun.

How many holes does this hat have?

Here comes the challenge itself.

Below we can see a picture of a hat.

The question is: how many holes are there in the hat? Look at the picture and take your time.

Will you figure this one out?

Sharpen your eyes and look extra carefully.

We’ll reveal the answer after the picture below.




Here is the answer

The correct answer is three holes.

Does that sound weird?

Then look at the picture again.

If you look closely, you will notice that the yellow background is visible inside the hole of the hat. That means that the hat has one hole on the front and one on the back. If you add the hole where you put your head in, you get a total of three holes.

Did you get it right? Congratulations to you in that case!

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