Only 1 in 5 are able to solve this puzzle on their first try – can you do it?

The puzzle

Can you figure out the number of the parking spot containing the car?

Pretty tricky, right? If you want the solution, simply scroll down.

To make things easier, look at the parking spaces from the other direction:




That’s right – turn the image around, and you’ll see that the parking spot numbers that previously appeared to be 16, 06, 68, 88, and 98 are in fact 86 88, 89, 90, and 91.

I think most people can figure out which number the car is parked on when looking at it this way.

The answer is 87!

One Simple Puzzle That Has Nothing To Do With Math

Do you love cracking some puzzles? In case your answer is yes, then, you can surely get the answer to this one! Just bear in mind that this very simple puzzle has nothing to do with math. Ready?

Note: The answer is provided below!

So do you have an answer now? If yes, let’s check if it is correct!

(Please don’t scroll down unless you’re already done answering.)





Is your answer correct? We hope it is! Challenge your friends and family members by sharing this very simple puzzle with them!

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