Only 1 In 25 Sharp Eyed People Can Find The Odd Letter!

It takes a keen eye to spot all the odd letters through every level of this challenging visual test. Have you got the laser vision to ace this test?

Can you find the odd letter? It’s is not a number like another riddle.

Try your best.

Here is the answer:







How fast did you find the answer?


Solve this math problem without using the calculator

Can you solve this math problem?

The picture below shows a problem taken out of a school book, however, everyone online is tearing their hair out trying to find the solution. There’s only one rule – you can’t use calculators.

Here’s the problem! What do you think is the answer?

Don’t stress, look closely and try to figure out how to get the right solution.

What do you think is the answer

Below the next picture, we’ll show you the answer.

The correct answer is 100

First, you calculate the multiplication 25 x 0, which of course becomes 0. This is one of the basic rules of mathematics.

Then 2 -2 = 0

Then we have: 50 + 50 – 0 + 0 , which results in 100.

How fast did you find the answer?

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