10 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Are you an old soul or do you know someone who is? Here are 10 reasons for the difficult time in which old souls have found love:

1. They are natural healers and often attract people who need help, not love.

And this attraction is reciprocal. Few things are as beneficial to an old soul as helping someone who is really in need. But ultimately, you must realize that you need a partner who is your life partner, not a student or charity.

2. You do not like the “game”.

Dating is exhausting and counterfeiting is not really your business. Deceiving interests and suppressing habits that others find repugnant are not instinctive and challenge you instead of making fun of you.

3. You have a strong sense of identity.

You know who you are and you know what you want and what you do not want from a partner, what works for you and what does not work. This precaution is a good choice for making smart decisions, but in the end, the potential prospects are really small.

4. If you do not check this box, your hyperintuitiveness may destroy relationships.

They tend to rethink things based on their sensitivity, their concerns, and their assumptions, which eventually destroy relationships that are not strong enough.

5. You probably have a higher purpose that needs to be fulfilled first – a goal from which love distracts you.

You must do something for yourself before looking for love. This is because old souls love deeply and completely. Being loved too early would save you from other important things to do.

6. You will be satisfied only with the love of the soul.

You need much more than a superficial and average relationship. They will not be satisfied in any way, which often implies long periods of loneliness.

7. Your standards are very high.

They expect great things from themselves and their partners. While this is a good thing, it is another quality that needs to be controlled. It is more important to learn to accept qualities that are not crucial to the relationship than to simply remove someone from certain dissimilarities.

8. You feel anxiety as intense as love.

The amount of love you feel for someone is your fear of losing it, and the worst is that you are not good enough for it. Not only do you like intense, but you feel all the rest of it intensely, which often hurts what is right in front of you.

9. While many people can bring passion, few of them can bring compatibility.

Since you feel so deeply and people are fascinated by your ideas, it’s easy to get attention. However, finding someone who is your best friend, sincere confidant and lover is a challenge.

10. They are less likely to meet people in a modern way.

Online dating may not bother you, but it does not seem natural to you, and finding random connections at bars or blind dates is no more appealing.