What You See First In This Picture Will Reveal Your Secretly Fear In Love

The way it works couldn’t be easier. Simply look at the picture below and make a mental note of the image you see first.

Then scroll down to find out what this personality test reveals about your most secretly hidden fears when it comes to falling in love and being in long-term relationships.

If you saw…

1. The woman with the book

If you saw the woman with the book when you first looked at this image, your biggest fear when it comes to love is losing yourself in another person.

You love the idea of falling in love, of making a connection with a person you feel totally understands your heart. But you’re also scared of this, because when you fall, you fall madly and deeply. In the past, you have felt lost in relationships and lost in the person you love, and you don’t want that to happen again.

Take comfort in the knowledge that this is something many people fear, because many of us have experienced it! Luckily, as we grow and mature and move from one relationship to the next, we learn things and we grow. With maturity comes a stronger sense of self, and that’s pretty hard to lose. Plus, a person worthy of your love will want to see you shine, not hide in their shadow.

2. The man’s face

If you saw the man’s face when you first looked at this image, your biggest fear when it comes to love is the unknown.

It’s easy to be afraid of the things that we don’t know. It makes a certain amount of sense that love, with all its unknown variables, would send a chill down your spine. Is there anything scarier than making yourself vulnerable to another person with no idea how that vulnerability will be received?

This is a fear you must face if making a strong connection is something that matters to you. We all fear the unknown, but if we don’t face it we lose our opportunities to truly experience everything life has to offer.

3. The woman in the distance

If you saw the woman in the distance when you first looked at this image, your biggest fear when it comes to love is that you’ll never find it at all.

You feel loneliness like a knife, and your failed relationships have left you feeling that while love might be real, it might not be real for you, or at least, it might not be in your future. It’s incredibly easy to get yourself into this headspace, particularly given all that you’ve experienced.

The truth of the matter is that if you want love, you shall have love. Approach the world with an open and loving heart and good things will follow. Try to avoid getting jaded and retreating inside of yourself. You’re awesome, but you know you’d be much happier with someone who loves you and who you can love in return.

4. The man with the hood

If you saw the man with the hood when you first looked at this image, your biggest fear when it comes to love is showing someone your dark side.

Everyone thinks of you as being sweet and loving and funny and kind, and that’s because you are all of those things. However, it can be draining for you to maintain that positive appearance at all times, and you need solo time to decompress before you can go back out into the world and interact with people again. You fear that in a relationship, there will be no hiding all the parts of yourself that you just don’t like.

Bad news: you’re right. When you form a healthy relationship with another person, one that you want to really go the distance, you can’t hide who you are. Sure, the person you love is going to see your not-so-sweet side, but if the person you love is worth their salt, they are going to see your dark side and love and accept it as part of you, the person they can’t get enough of!


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