What Each Zodiac Sign Teaches The World About Love

Zodiac Signs as Teachers of Love

All Zodiac Signs have felt love and we’ve all been touched by her power. In the same way, we’ve all been hurt by love and learned our lessons. Well, love doesn’t hurt. Our attachments hurt. Love is universal. Yet each sign has something different to teach us about love.

Aries: teaches that love is an awakening

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries symbolizes all the forces of nature that wake up after a long sleep. It is life itself as the power of enlightenment. Aries teaches us that love is a real awakening force. Just as the spiritual awakens all nature, love animates the ram and awakens all instincts. They are true to their heart and seek what they want.

Taurus: teaches that love is real

The second star has a different approach. They are much more stable, probably more than all, in search of a “cave of love”. Therefore, their primitive instincts are rarely sweet. They want to love being free and real. They also want it to be deep and intense. Love is power and they want to feel it that way.

Gemini: teaches that love is inspiring

The third sign is one who is always aware of the surrounding influences. Probably the brightest of all, they feel love as an uplifting force that can dispel negativity and dark thoughts. Love inspires him. So they do incredible things when they are in love. So, Gemini is the one who teaches us that love is an inspiration.

Cancer: teaches that love is nurturing

The fourth sign is the first of the watermarks. Cancer is the zodiac sign dominated by the moon. Therefore, if cancer likes something, they like to heal and protect it. What we learn from them is that love can support us physically and emotionally. As the old song says, “All we need is love.”

Leo: teaches that love is brave

The fifth sign of the zodiac is governed by our radiant sun. For this reason, Leo’s love is obvious, he is real and must be respected. Leo can do crazy things out of love. Therefore, we are all inspired by their actions and examples. Leo teaches us that love gives us the power to fuel our dreams and overcome our fears.

Virgo: teaches that love is selfless

The sixth star sign is also governed by Mercury, which gives them powerful mental abilities. But when it comes to love, they are surprisingly unforgiving. They can sacrifice many things to the person they are in love with. The Virgin teaches us to do what we do for free love. Love is altruistic.

Libra: teaches that love is peaceful

The seventh sign is imbued with the energies of Venus. That’s why they like to be in love. Love is her energy that makes her run. And peace keeps love intact. Although they are not without passion, they really want to be filled with love and to feel whole. Libra teaches us that love is peaceful.

Scorpio: teaches that love is instinctive

The eighth zodiac has a weak point for secrets. What is clear to them, however, is that their instincts can really fuel their dreams and goals. Scorpio loves the truth and what is more true than what we feel. In love, they are passionate and honest, like a primitive instinct. That’s why Scorpio teaches us that love is instinctive.

Sagittarius: teaches that love is a journey

The ninth sign of the zodiac has a very different approach to love. For a real shooter, life is a game. An adventurous game, sometimes dangerous, but always interesting. Therefore, love is their vehicle with which they embark on this wonderful journey in search of more interesting and stimulating activities for the brain. Sagittarius teaches us that love is a journey full of varied and enchanting charms.

Capricorn: teaches that love lasts forever

The tenth sign of the zodiac is governed by the ancient god of time. Capricorns love thrills and can flirt very well, as they are also influenced by Mars. For her, true love is eternal, as are all things precious to her. Therefore, they will do everything to protect, promote and develop true love. You can see how the ibex are getting older, but their love is still strong. Capricorn teaches us that love lasts forever.

Aquarius: teaches that love knows no limits

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is an exception to most astrological rules. They can follow the rules, but they do not really like them. They are unique. If Aquarius is in love, she can not stop what they have in mind. Neither space nor time can really limit it. They will find a way to get what they want.

Pisces: teaches that love makes us divine

The twelfth star sign is the last of the cosmic circle. Everything goes back to the source here. They say that fish have the strongest intuition. Probably because they feel closer to the source. Nevertheless, the fish in love is like a living fairy tale. They remind us of everything that love can do. That’s why it reminds us of what we are capable of. And since we are divine, we are capable of everything!