Love Requires Effort – You Can’t Just Leave At The First Sight Of Trouble

Have you recently wondered about the state of your relationship? Wondering why you feel a lack of love for your partner? Maybe you have trouble understanding what has changed fundamentally and why do not you feel as in love as you did?

Remove gauze from perception in your relationship

(Note: I speak of healthy relationships, with the same respect and love for each partner.)

I think that many people are blind (or naive) to the fact that love and relationships require effort.

They do not allow themselves to believe that it takes care and that a constant amount of work will flourish. The idea that you need to emerge every day to maintain your close connection seems too much.

When a relationship breaks, certain things or ideas can happen. Maybe you feel like you have nothing in common. Maybe you are constantly arguing with your partner. Do not you hate being in his presence? Have you stopped being interested in your partner?

All these problems can be saved. We can come back from everyone. You just have to agree to do the work!

The simple reason that a relationship can fail

So what is the cause of so many arguments?

The problem is missing.

This then gives way to the aforementioned problems.

An idea so easy to understand, but that we react with anger because – certainly not! – We would never leave a good cause on purpose.

I’m talking about the kind of relationship where the beloved honeymoon period was so perfect. It may have taken some time. Perhaps you have even described your partner as perfect and considered virtually perfect (OMG, how can that be?). Perhaps you have been fascinated and wrapped in the feeling of happy love that you both share.

And then one day, he does not feel so rosy anymore. They do not like how you feel in the relationship right now.

Some traits and qualities that you find strange or captivating for your partner leave you confused and frustrated.

Your partner is far away and you do not know how to communicate with them. They think it will only get worse. The quarrels that complain, the lack of gratitude for each other.

It goes on and on. Until you decide that you have enough. “It should not be so difficult.”

You will not let your arguments destroy your entire relationship.

Instead, allow them to make you a stronger, stronger couple.

If you are really in love with someone deeply, you are fighting for his love. And sometimes, if necessary, you sacrifice your own happiness for them.

If you love someone, do not just think about yourself.

You think and take care of the feelings and needs of your partner. You do not make any important decisions about your relationship. Instead, you ask for their opinion.

If you love someone, you fight with everyone to protect the relationship. They endure things they do not like personally.

If you love someone, do not stay in his good days and leave him when he is sad and disappointed. They do not allow them to hurt and suffer alone. Instead, you do your best to help and support them, relieve them and relieve them.

When you love someone, you do not believe that the relationship will collapse if things do not go as planned, because you both show the willingness and determination to make the changes necessary for things to work.

If you love someone, you are ready to work for him.

They are ready to cross fire and fight against all evil, just to protect them and make them happy.

If you love someone, do not give up the relationship until you have exhausted all the possibilities of salvation.

If you love someone, do not leave him alone when he is sick, but stay with him. They go to the pharmacy to buy medicine and, if necessary, take them to the doctor in the middle of the night. Because you are in all together – good and bad.

If you love someone, do your best to keep alive the love and passion that separate you.

You take the time and effort to keep them in your life.

If you love someone, do not leave it when it becomes difficult, because you know that you can overcome all the problems and obstacles only when you are together.

These are some of the things I learned in my relationship and I am aware of this when I am in contact with my partner.

I think a key part of a healthy relationship is that you are there.

By that I mean that you are aware of your partner’s feelings. Understand when the relationship in a particular field requires more work. Determination to settle the arguments by listening, compassion and understanding. We are proud of the little efforts that make your relationship beautiful. Be active and not passive in your love.

When you learn to appreciate the fact that your love needs fertility and can take any form, you should feel that transformation is happening. A small way of thinking that prevents you from feeling like a victim.

The quality of your love is in your hands and that of your partner. Your relationship is entirely up to you.