‘I Will Love You Until…’ According To Your Zodiac Sign

I will love you until I draw my last breath. Love is the strongest feeling! It can turn darkness into light! It can make the bad disappear! It opens the eyes of people! Love is pure magic!

Love is not constant! Why is it so? Can someone say how long it will last? What are these feelings that make us do silly things? This article shows us why each zodiac sign stops believing in love. Using this knowledge, you will be able to understand in which phase every relationship is, regardless of whether it is love, business or friendship.

Aries: …until you Betray me

The Aries is the Zodiac sign of Mars, the God of War. No wonder that every day of their lives is a battle between this or that. They are ready to fight until the end! If you are in any type of relationship with an Aries, try to keep them busy by giving them something to conquer. By doing so, they will continually try to get you forever.

Taurus: … until you break my heart

Taurus is a very strong person and able to survive almost everything. They can be hurt, but it is very hard to destroy them. For this reason, they are considered stable, persistent and full of assurance.

They connect to you when they trust you and it is very hard for you to earn their trust. But when they do eventually, you can easily manipulate them. If you only offend them by commenting on their home or looks. It can even hurt them deeply, so be very careful when commenting on them. Find an easy way around.

Gemini: … until you try to outsmart me

Gemini is the master of deception, so playing games with them is not a good idea. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce, and intellectual affairs. As soon as they realize that you are trying to fool them, it`s the end! From that point, they will keep looking for a way to make you look idiotic.

Cancer: … until you abandon me

The Moon – Artemis / Diana is associated with this sign. They like to be surrounded by people very much. They also like being alone. In a relationship, they like balance. When they feel trust, they will do everything for their partners.

Emotional security is very important to them. Because of that, you always make them feel good and never hurt them. Their love will not die until you k-i.l.l it by convincing them that they should not love you. When you succeed in this, you will never be able to make them love you again.

Leo:… until you make me look like a fool

They are always quite protective of their social image and they insist on being appreciated in any type of relationship. Never insult them, particularly for the things they are sensitive or insecure about. Leos are individuals to whom truth is sacred, so they want to know both of your strengths and weaknesses. They want to love you for who you really are.

Virgo: … until you start lying

Virgos are run by Mercury, making them very observant and realistic. Honesty is one thing closely connected to Virgos. They want to know more about their surrounding and about people in it. If they feel that you are not honest, they are gone. They trust people and believe everyone is good. This makes them an easy target. Their love will be great as long as they can trust you.

Libra: … until you mess with my peace

Being diplomats and peacemakers, these people will always look for a way to put an end to a conflict. So, it is no wonder that they are very tolerant and willing to do anything they can to make a relationship last. Beware though, never mess with their thing or ask for troubles!

Scorpio: … until you start keeping secrets from me

It is far better, to tell the truth, whatever it may be. They will understand. If they sense you are hiding something, you are in trouble. Honesty will make your relationship last forever. If they discover that you have tried to trick them, they will find out, and they will never forget. The truth is the main character of a relationship with Scorpio.

Sagittarius: … until you no longer bring me to hope

Making the children of Zeus go mad is very easy! All you have to do is to make them feel down. They will love you forever, as long as you keep your optimism. These people are quite ambitious and always look for a person who trusts their vision and integrity.

Capricorn: … until you give up

The God of Time − Saturn − Kronos rules this sign. They believe that things are eternal. Optimism is very important for them. As their partner, you should be very positive and believe that you can always be better. If you have a problem, you must never lose hope. Losing hope will make them leave. As long as they feel your positive attitude towards life you will feel their love.

Aquarius: … until you look like everyone else

Your personality traits and the things that make you unique are the things that Aquarius love about you. Embrace your uniqueness and your diverse qualities! Don’t stop surprising them with your little secrets, as the moment you start looking like everyone else is the moment they will leave.

Pisces: … until you make me stop dreaming

Dreaming is essential for Pisces. They will love you as long as they can dream. Their dreams are the basis of their existence. Your support of their dreaming is the basis of your relationship.

Because they often drift into the dream world, they might look like they are not interested in you. They need you to keep them connected to the real world, but you should never force them with it. As long as they feel your support, they will love you.