Do Not Marry The Guy Who Has These 15 Habits (Even If You Think You Love Him)

Being in love can be blinding, you only see your lover’s good qualities and ignore the bad stuff. It is important to choose wisely, who are you going to spend your life with.

So be aware of these 15 behaviors, because if your man acts like this, you should definitely NOT marry him:


Although, you have never given him a reason not to trust you, and he always checks your cell phone or does not like you to hang out with other guys? This will get worse over time and before you realize that you will have even more restrictions on. Also, think about why he does not trust you? Is it because of his past or maybe he is not so faithful? Anyway, this is not a great quality to be around, so don’t.


Didn’t you feel a little blasphemous even reading the phrase hates animals’? Who on earth hates animals? Nobody does; that is the answer. So if he does not like animals without any good reasons like allergies etc and then runs. If you choose between him and your pet, always choose your pet. Not loving animals shows a lack of empathy and kindness. Also, in case you are planning on having a family with him in the future, he would not be a great father figure, because of his careless personality.


Each relationship has basic rules or agreements that lovers have established between the two. It can be about cleaning, shopping, cooking, washing dishes, having time for each other or plans for the weekend. If he does not respect or follow your agreements, he will always let you down. Even if he says he is going to be better, his actions speak louder than words.


A small mistake or a sometimes forgetful mind can be excused and even a big promise, if broken once in a blue moon, can also be forgiven. However, when the frequency of promise-breaking increases visibly then it is time for some cleaning and washing.

If he nods vigorously while making promises and easily breaks those only days later, it obviously means that he is making a fool out of you. That is not a good relationship to be in so reject that promise-breaker and find a keeper.


It becomes messy when one of the two people is more into the relationship than the other one. It begins to fall apart since it is all about giving, taking, sharing and receiving, just like Joey said. So, if you are the one who gives your best to the relationship while he sleeps peacefully and does nothing at all, it means that you do not mean to him what he means to you.

There is no point taking such an empty connection along so do not marry the guy who gives you secondary treatment when you deserve to be the first priority.


Self-confidence is naturally sexy, but he cannot be that narrow-minded. If he believes that all his actions and decisions in life are good, he does not have a critical mind and this way it is impossible for him to grow as a person.

This also affects the relationship as well, because if he thinks he is so perfect and he is always right, then you are the one who is constantly wrong and needs to change. If he can not see his mistakes or find a compromise, then don’t bother trying as well.


Excuses are only a way of saying.

I am sorry but I had more important things to do and you do not matter to me as much as you think you do.

End of story.

If he has more excuses than reasons and they are all too senseless to be true, he is only trying to lie to you and if not, only feeling too lazy to include you in everything. Such behavior in the guy you are about to marry can be a turn-off and should be a turn-off.


There are some downfalls in every relationship, but it is not healthy to keep coming back to them all the time. Some things are better left in the past, especially when you have talked it through and learned from your mistakes. It is a terrible feature if he just brings up old argues and conflicts, because this way he brings a lot of negativity to your relationship.


When you are having a misunderstanding or are mad at each other, the most important thing is to talk it through and understand each other’s point of views. If he does not bother to listen to you, it shows that he does not care about you. This relationship cannot last long because at one point you will have a lot of unsolved issues.


Small lies, cute lies and insignificant lies that are told for good are excusable and even justifiable but lies that affect your relationship and are spoken again and again need to be dealt with. If not the lies then the liar needs to be confronted.

Relationships are all about trust and believing in each other. If he takes that away by breaking the code of taking confidence in each other then he needs to be replaced. Lies damage a relationship slowly like termites damage wood.


It’s great if he loves you with his whole heart, but it does not mean that you have to spend every minute of every day together. If he can not do anything without you and only sees his point of life being with you, that’s too obsessive. You have to find someone who has his dreams and ambitions, who is independent enough to be by himself, but who chooses to spend his free time with you.


That is a dangerous sign. No matter how annoying our parents can get sometimes, we can never really hate them or cut them off our lives. The family is where we started and forgetting them is no less than a sin. If he hates his family, just because family is annoying or for any other weak reason, then he is not fit to marry you or anyone else.

Marriage is about starting a family. How do you expect him to start a family of his own if he is not able to cope with his own former family?

13. HE S-M.O.K.E.S

If he cannot give up s-m.o.k.i.n.g, it shows that he has an addiction. He can develop more a-d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n.s later in life as well because he is a weak person. Also, if he is not willing to give up s-m.o.k.i.n.g for you, does he love you? S-m.o.k.i.n.g is dangerous for himself and you as well. What happens if you want to have a family with him someday? Will he s-m.o.k.e in front of your kids as well?


When he does not take responsibility and always blames others for everything that went wrong, he is just childish. Also, cutting people off because of small arguments is a foolish thing to do. Being too impatient and stubborn will not get him far in life. Do not stick around to find out that.

15. HE IS A-B.U.S.I.V.E

This is the worst behavior there is. If he hits you, leave immediately. It does not matter if he feels sorry for or brings you flowers and promises never to do it again. If he can hit you once, he can certainly hit you again. V-i.o.l.e.n.c.e is never the answer and you have never done something to deserve this. Even if he does not a-b.u.s.e you physically, but is emotionally a-b.u.s.i.v.e, walk away. Being in a relationship with a manipulative and a-b.u.s.i.v.e person will bring you down. So leave while you still can.

After the first relationship period of butterflies and sparkle, people start to show their true selves. Some people are still the same and treat you in a good way, but others might surprise you in a bad way. Never trick yourself into thinking that they will change or it will pass because we are the way we are and it is damn hard to change a man. It is much easier to find another one which matches with you more. Do not settle for anything less than what makes you happy!

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