6 Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Match

Have you ever wondered what makes you and your date click? Being compatible with each other means that you are listening to your partner’s feelings. Compatibility in a relationship can help determine if you and your partner should be together in the long run.

The real test of compatibility is spending time together, not just the small dates you plan for each other. The real test of compatibility is to spend more time together while mastering different situations, difficult or lucky.

Being truly compatible means much more than sharing the same beliefs or interests. True compatibility means that your personalities are nested. Although you can find someone who is as free as you and loves the same things you love, your life goals may be different. They may have completely different tastes and personalities, but when difficult moments occur, opposing personalities complement each other. Are relationships not complicated? Are you and your partner a good partner?

How to recognize true compatibility? Examine your relationship and see if you notice any of these signs of compatibility.

1. Your relationship has the right balance

Goldstein says that in most of the successful relationships she has seen, the couple has found a balance, one of them being “The Star” and the other “The Rock”.

“I found that most of my achievements fell into these categories, one of which had sometimes gone and the party life where the other was more stable and supportive,” Goldstein said.

So, if you are very open-minded and your partner is a very introverted person (or vice versa), this is indeed a good sign. Their social energies should complement each other. Couples with two emerging individuals (or two introverts) generally have more problems than people with a reversed personality.

“If you have yin and yang, they balance,” said the expert. “I found that balance works really well in a relationship.”

2. There is a golden silence between you two

Uma Thurman explained it perfectly in Pulp Fiction.

Basically, you know that you have found someone who is great when you can shut up and feel really good.

3. You can just be yourself

Sometimes you will not be at your best. Of course, when you go out with a man for the first time, things are different. You make sure that you are always in good shape. A little less and it will probably continue, right?

But if you know that you will not be able to take a shower after three days, you are aware of both feelings.

(I mean, no shower for three days, who else do you want?)

4. You cuddle

Most of us admit to enjoying the feeling of being physically close to another person – it is a natural and organic response.

Constant physical intimacy (not just sexual) can also indicate how happy you are.

A study published in the American Journal of Family Therapy surveyed 100 men and 195 women to examine their preferences and attitudes toward romantic physical affection – massage, caress, cuddle, hold hands, kiss – significantly for the satisfaction of the couple.

“Hugs and tenderness help maintain the physical connection and intimacy between couples – not just when you’re sexual,” said Greer.

“As a result, it may be easier to get involved because there is always an element of sexual energy that is shared by physical contact,” said Greer. “Therefore, a happier relationship overall.”

5. Your partner always supports you

If your partner is really perfect for you, you will be your greatest cheerleader. If you succeed, congratulate yourself first. If you fail, they are there to comfort you and if you want to give up, they are there to motivate you. Your ideal partner will always be your biggest supporter.

6. Your partner wants you to get the most out of you.

Couples truly compatible with each other bring together the best. You have this desire to move forward and bring out the best of you. They support you in good and bad times. They dismiss you while you are studying law or insist that your parents stay home. You are your biggest fan and you know that you can always count on you to encourage them and always have your back when you are no more.