5 Signs That You’re Meant To Be Together

Being crazy in love is one of the most magical experiences in our lives. Questions rise when you meet someone new: To stay or not to stay? Is s/he the one or not? Are we compatible? Can this be my soulmate? You don’t always know if you are “meant for each other.” So how do you answer those questions? Sometimes the answer is just as simple as stepping back and opening your heart to what’s in front of you.

1. You allow the vulnerability in yourself

It is a slope that most of us slip-on. But it’s one of the most common ingredients in every relationship. If you really want to open up to the person you love, you must allow yourself to succumb to your own vulnerabilities to the other person. It is the direct scale that measures the trust you would do on the other person. Being vulnerable is basically gifting your heart to the one you love, expressing your trust in them. If you have no issues being vulnerable around each other, you are probably going to stay together with others forever.

2. You respect each other mutually

You understand that you are both people who have dreams, principles, values, feelings, and opinions. You never try to belittle each other and you respect each other enough to allow for individual growth and development. You respect each other’s desire for occasional space and privacy. You never use harsh language that you know could unnecessarily hurt each other’s feelings. You respect each other’s dignity and you would never do anything to tarnish your individual integrity. You really believe that your partner is a great person and that there should be no room for disrespect in your relationship.

3. You do not get jealous (not because you don’t love but because you trust)

While many consider jealousy as one of the basic ingredients of true love, many claim the opposite. When you are mature enough to realize your own worth, you no longer have space for being jealous in your relationship. Insecurity has been removed from the space between you and your partner and you prefer open communication with your loved one on any topic. There is no space for any lie thus obliterating all possibilities of feeling insecurity. Would you really feel the insecurity if you trust the person will not be ditching you ever?

4. You are always happy together

It is one of the main components that the human mind searches love for – to be happy. There is no chance for physical beauty to cling on forever. It is the spiritual beauty that will last forever. If you really enjoy each other’s company and laughter never gets out of sight when you are together, you are probably going to last forever. It’s even more important after you have been with each other long enough. If you can still fill him/her filling your soul with the utmost joy, happiness, and laughter, you are really lucky. You are the sunshine in their life and it is what matters the most, especially if you want your relationship to last long terms.

5. You push each other to become better people.

More important than growing as a couple, you should also keep a semblance of individual growth. If you are in a relationship wherein you are constantly encouraging your partner to grow as a person, then you’re probably meant to be. You encourage each other to pursue their dreams and goals. You push each other to become better people. You grow as individuals, and then you end up growing as a relationship as well.