12 Signs She’s A High Quality Woman You Should Never Let Her Go

She’s a queen.

Throughout your life, you will date many different kinds of girls. Some become too clingy, some too indifferent. Some will make you the center of their entire world and some will become the center of yours. But just once in your lifetime, you’ll meet this girl who’ll stand out from all of them, who’ll make you wonder why there aren’t more of these girls in this world and who’ll truly be a high-quality girl.

If you were ever lucky enough to meet one of them, you must have noticed these signs:

1. She pushes you to reach your goals and chase your dreams.

She inspires you to reach your true potential and to achieve greater things without asking too much. She won’t force you to pursue the things you should because she trusts you enough to know that you’ll make the right decisions.

2. She gives just as much as you do.

She puts forth the same amount of effort that you do. She doesn’t expect you to do it all and knows to pitch in is important. She wants to play as big a role in things as you do.

3. She has her own opinions.

She has strong opinions on almost every topic. And she will never shy to express them, simply just to avoid arguments or to make everyone happy. However, this does not mean that she is imposing these opinions on you or other people. She is open to discussions and any disagreement you have won’t turn into a raging battle.

4. She knows that no one is perfect.

She is not perfect and neither are you. She knows that mistakes will be made sometimes. While she isn’t a doormat she does know how to forgive the small things.

5. She takes care of herself.

Self-care is important to her. She knows how to take care of herself. She never wanted a relationship just so she could depend on someone for all kinds of physical, financial and mental support. No, she was in this to enjoy your company as an equal, to split all the bills, and to make sure that one person in the relationship isn’t being over-burdened.

6. She has her own goals.

She has her own dreams and goals, and they include you, they are also just as important as your own. She needs you to push her in the ways she pushes you. You both are growing together.

7. She doesn’t play games.

She does not play childish games and make attempts to get you jealous. She doesn’t have any insecurities about her relationship. She knows what she’s worth and she does not feel the need to prove it to you or to herself.

8. She likes having alone time.

She does not mind spending time alone. You two do not have to be together 24 hours a day to be a happy couple. Trusting one another is more than enough, you are two different people and sometimes need alone time.

9. She can carry herself well.

She knows how to be around people and portrays herself in a positive light online. Her life is not an open book. She is respectful and polite.

10. She doesn’t smother you.

She is not too clingy and likes her independence when it comes down to things. Of course, she wants to see you and loves seeing you but she does not beg you to come over every day, as I mentioned above two separate people. She does her own thing.

11. She has a good sense of humor.

She knows how to make you laugh and loves to laugh. Laughter is something that can make even the most perfect couple a little better. If you can laugh together, you can make it through most things.

12. You can really talk to her.

She is easy to talk to and can communicate with you well. Rather than getting into a heated argument you two talk things out. You can talk to her openly about anything.


13. She can control her emotions.

She does not let her emotions get the best of her. When she is upset, she will let you know, but she won’t overreact to things. This is something you need to remember not to take advantage of.

14. She will not be taken for granted.

When she feels she is being taken for granted she will not stick around. She knows her worth and wants a relationship in which both parties are putting in the effort they both deserve. She does not ask you to be there for her.

15. She refuses to deal with or be a part of the drama.

She is no drama queen. If you come with a lot of drama chances are she won’t stick around for long. She is not going to waste any of her time dealing with childish things, either you’re with her or you’re not.

If you are a high-quality woman who for some reason cannot find someone to love, don’t blame yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Most men just cannot handle high-quality STRONG women.