Home Life Man Asks His Wife What She Wants for Her Birthday.

Man Asks His Wife What She Wants for Her Birthday.

One evening a husband was sitting on the edge of the bed watching his wife as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

It was the day before she turned 40 and her husband wanted to surprise her.

Not wanting to make any mistakes, he asked her what she wished for her birthday.

Without blinking, and while still looking at herself in the mirror, she informed him that she wanted to be six years old again.

The following day, the husband woke up very early to prepare his wife’s birthday surprise.

He decided to start the day by making her a nice breakfast.

The husband organized a big bowl of Lucky Charms cereal, and when she was done eating he told her to get ready for an outing. To her surprise, he took her to Six Flags theme park.

The couple made the most of the theme park as the husband took his wife on all the rides.

She screamed her lungs out on the Wall of Fear and even had a go on the Screaming Monster.

Six hours later, the couple staggered out of the theme park with the wife’s head reeling from all the rides.

Her stomach was also very upset and she felt like she was going to vomit.

From there, they went to McDonald’s, where the husband placed a Happy Meal order for his wife.

He also made sure to get her a large chocolate shake and extra fries to complete the meal.

Just when she thought it was all over, the husband told her they were going to the movies!

Once again, he took the liberty of ordering for her by getting some soda pop, popcorn, and some M&Ms.

After finishing the Disney film about a princess finding love, the pair finally made their way home.

Upon arrival, the wife felt wobbly, and her stomach was still quite upset with all the fast food and sweets.

Both of them were quite exhausted as they changed into their pajamas. Finally, they plopped themselves into their bed before the wife let out a big sigh.

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