Woman’s Facebook Message To Kroger Supermarket Goes Viral.

Attualming “Kroger, today (1/4/17) was Gramma’s 90th birthday. I was in the Athens, Ohio, store this afternoon buying a cake for her and talking with the friendly cashier.


He asked about the cake, and when I told him about Gramma, he exclaimed, ‘Wait right here just a minute please!’ and walked away.

He came back a minute later with a rose he’d purchased at the flower stand and asked me to give it to her to help her celebrate. Instead, I asked him to give it to her because she was there with me, and I snapped this picture! This young man, Wes, went above and beyond, and his act of kindness really made Gramma’s day.

I hope this message gets to you, and I hope someone at corporate recognizes him for this! It was just too sweet!”


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Can you solve this riddle?

Today, I found this riddle online, and it took me a while to figure it out.

Now the question is: Can you solve it?

Look at the picture below and think carefully.

How many people are in the family?

Remember to think it through. The family consists of six sons, two parents and how many sisters?

Which of the options do you think is the correct one?

The answer comes below the next picture.






Time for the answer

The right answer is A) 9

Why are there only 9 people in the family?

Because: six sons + two parents, become eight family members.

Then each son has one sister, but that sister is the same sister for all the brothers, if there were more sisters, then the sons wouldn’t have one sister each, they would have more.