This is The Duty God Assigned to Each of The Zodiac Sign.

” …And it was morning as God stood before his twelve children and into each of them planted the seed of human life. One by one each child stepped forward to receive his appointed gift.”

To you Aries

I first give the seed that you could have the honor of planting. That for every seed you plant, a million more will multiply in your hands. You do not have time to see the seed grow, because everything you plant creates more than you need to plant. They will be the first to invade the soil of My Idea. However, your job is not to feed or challenge the idea. Your life is an action, and the only action I give you is to make people aware of My creation. For your good work, I give you the virtue of self-esteem.

To you Taurus

I give the power to give body to the seed. Your work is excellent and requires patience because you have to finish all that has been started, otherwise the seed is wasted by the wind. You must not question your opinion in the middle nor depend on others for what I ask you. For that I give you the gift of strength. Use it wisely.

To you Gemini

I give the questions unanswered, so that you can give everyone an understanding of what the people around them are seeing. You will never know why people are talking or hearing, but in your search for the answer, you will find my gift of knowledge.

To you Cancer

I write the task of teaching people emotions. My idea is that you make them laugh and cry so that everything they see and think develops the abundance of the interior. For that, I offer you the gift of the family so that your wealth can multiply.

To you Leo

I give the world the mission to represent my creation in all its splendor. But you must be proud and always remember that it’s My creation, not yours. If you forget that, people will despise you. I give you a lot of joy if you do it right. For that, you should have the gift of honor.

To you Virgo

I ask for an inquiry into all that humanity has done with my creation. They must scrutinize their ways and remind them of their mistakes so that my creation through them becomes perfect. For that I give you the purity of thought.

To you Libra

I give the mission of the ministry so that people perceive their duties towards others. That they can learn cooperation and have the ability to think on the other side of their actions. I will take you wherever there is discord and I will give you the gift of love for your efforts.

To you Scorpio

I give a very difficult task. You will be able to know the thoughts of others, but I will not allow you to talk about what you are learning. It will often hurt what you see and, in your grief, you will turn away from me and forget that it is not me but the perversion of my idea that causes your pain. You will see so much humanity that you will meet them as animals and you will face animals so instinctively that you will lose your way. But when you finally come back to me, Scorpio, I have the greatest possible purpose.

To Sagittarius

I ask you to make people laugh because they become bitter because they do not understand my idea. Laughing, you should give hope to people and hope they see me again. You will touch many lives, if only for a moment, and you will know what is happening in every life you touch. To you, Sagittarius, I give you the gift of infinite abundance, so that you can stretch far enough to reach every corner of the darkness and bring it light.

To you Capricorn

Please disturb your forehead so that you can teach people to work. Your task is not easy because you will feel all the work of humanity on your shoulders. but the yoke of your burdens contains the responsibility of your brothers and sisters, whom I put in your hands.

To you Aquarius

Tell the future that people might see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, because I do not allow you to personalize my love. But to draw people’s attention to new opportunities, I make the gift of freedom: you can continue to serve humanity wherever you need it.

To you Pisces

I give the most difficult task of all. I ask you to gather all the worries of the world and bring them back to me. Your tears are supposed to be my tears. The suffering you are going to absorb is the result of misunderstanding of My idea by people, but you should give them the compassion to try again. For this most difficult task, I present you the biggest business.









































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