True colors.

5 Things I Will Never Expect From Other People

1. To make me happy

We are all responsible for creating and building our own happiness power. It has to come from within. And believe it or not, it’s really as simple as flipping a switch. Just decide to be happy. Be happy in spite of problems you may be having.

I’m not saying you ignore the problems and act like they’re not there. Instead, decide to be happy and work to solve whatever challenges you have. By being happy in the face of difficulty you’ll actually find it much easier to find solutions.

Expect happiness, but expect if from within yourself and not from others.

To your happiness!

2. To read my mind

When it comes to letting others know when you need something, stop expecting them to read your mind. You’re only wasting everyone’s time.

If you have ambiguous thoughts and expect that others will understand whatever is going on in your mind, it is impossible. It is better to communicate whatever is bothering you instead of hoping for them to know on their own. Just like it is impossible for you to figure out what is indeed running through your friend’s mind. Similarly, no one will know about you either.

3. To forgive me

Forgiveness to oneself is quite an important aspect of our life. You need to let go off little things in your mind before you ask other too. If you have made a huge mistake that you haven’t forgiven yourself for, it is quite obvious that someone else might not forgive you either. In fact, it is not in your hands. You can try your best to apologize, but then, you just need to let it be and move on.

4. To be perfect

Don’t expect perfection. Nobody is perfect. Love each other for who you are.

5. To treat me how I treat them

Never expect anything back from the things you give. Give love and kindness knowing you may not get it back at this exact moment but that is okay because in some ways you impacted that person’s life and even if they did not treat you okay in the end, one day you will get what you deserve.

One day all of your hard work, good efforts, endless amounts of love, and your kind, sweet heart will pay off and you will wake up and find good people to be in your life if you have not found them already. Cherish those who are good to you back and still respect those who are not because you are too good to stoop to their level.