This Old Woman Taught A Rude Driver A Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget

Aggressive drivers are bad enough on the road, but they take it to a whole new level when they beep at old ladies crossing the street. This story will give you a new respect for seniors when you’re done watching.

Some drivers have completely lost the respect of the other people who share the road. The pedestrians seem to be the most vulnerable people because they have no shell of protection. Well, an old lady taught a rude road rage-ish driver the lesson of a lifetime today. He thought he was the king of the road.

He felt like no one mattered other than him and his agenda. This little old lady shocked the heck out of him and showed him something that he will probably never forget.

The scenario started by an intersection where two skateboarders were on their skateboards trying to film all the radical moves they were doing. They just happened to get a clear-as-day video of the situation between an arrogant driver and a woman who was probably old enough to be his grandmother.

The little old lady was just trying to get across the street, but the driver was extremely impatient.

He reacted like the typical road rage maniac who tries to intimidate everyone into getting the heck out of his way.

Thank God, he did not scold the woman, but what he did could have been worse. He bounced violently as she tried to cross the street. The beep sound was quite unwise as it could have scared the woman during a heart attack. This shows that he was impatient and selfish.

Fortunately, the old woman did not have a heart attack. As a matter of fact, she did something unbelievable instead. What she did was something that will make him think twice the next time he gets ready to beep his little horn at an elderly person.

He will most likely have an entirely new respect for the senior citizen class of people after this incident. You’ll have to review the video to fully understand the depths of this woman’s response to the rude beeping.

It was one of those teachings that a person takes with himself or herself forever and remembers the learning experience. We all took something from the video and got a new outlook on older people from this clip. Check it out and see if you learn a lesson, too.


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