This Homeless Man Found $10,000 And Returned It To The Owner, So She Offers Him A Free Home

Elmer Alvarez found a check with $10,000 written in the margins last November. He was wandering the streets homeless on Church Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

He was paid on the order of Roberta Hoskie. She is a local real estate entrepreneur in the city called Outreach Realty Services. Alvarez was able to contact Hoskie after his girlfriend was able to search his information online.


The Check Was Returned, But There’s More To The Story

Alvarez eagerly met with Hoskie to return the check. Hoskie had more than just a warm thanks planned for the hero that was down on his luck. She confided in Alvarez her own problems she faced as a teenager. Hoskie was once homeless, which encouraged her and led her to become a successful entrepreneur


She rewarded him with free admission to her real estate training school and a generous undisclosed cash reward.

Hoskie met with Alvarez yet again at the Greater New Haven Chamber Of Commerce over a Facebook Live Stream. She announced that he no longer needed to worry about having to sleep in the cold again, because his company would welcome him for free.