This Classic Optical Illusion From Over 100 Years Ago Will Reveal How Creative You Actually Are!

What did you see first? A duck? A rabbit?

If you see:

1. A Rabbit: Scientist

You are a scientist! You have the intelligence of a critical and rational thinker. They are confident and passionate about facts and data. They see the world as it is and you have a strong desire to understand how things work. You weigh all the options before making a decision and, in the end, you always follow your head with your heart.

You are intelligent, capable and hardworking. You find the natural world fascinating and nothing pleases you more than to understand why things are as they are! We are counting on you for the next great discovery or breakthrough!

2. A Duck: Artist

You are a true idealist and always look for the touch of good, even with the worst people and events! They instinctively look for ways to make things better. While you are perceived as calm, you have an inner flame and a passion that can really shine in your works. The creative harmony you feel is a source of joy and inspiration for your fellow men. You are a master of words and emotions with incredible potential.


What You See First In This Picture Reveals Your Subconscious Fear.

Take a look at the Vladimir Kush painting below below.

What do you notice first?

Now, remember your answer, and scroll down for an analysis of your choice!

Scroll down to discover what your subconscious fear is!

1. This is what it means if you saw the KNIFE first:

Your subconscious fear is a deadly disease.

Youre afraid that you will have a life-threatening illness without knowing it.

You are afraid of suffering and you fear to die at any time.

2. This is what it means if you saw the CATERPILLAR first:

Yourconscious fears are spirits, also called phasmophobia.

You are probably afraid that ghosts or evil spirits will appear in your weakest moments, such as when you are confused or fall asleep.

3. This is what it means if you saw the BUTTERFLY first:

Your onscious fear is treason.

Maybe others have hurt you or crossed you too often.

Perhaps you’ve had a serious rejection, whether it’s a job or a dream.

However, you can hide this weakness well.

Younly lifts his ugly head when you face it.

4. This is what it means if you saw the APPLE first:

Your subconscious fear is death.

These are not yours, but those of your loved ones.

Maybe you have already lost someone you love.

With this traumatic blow that casts a shadow over your subconscious, you naturally can not bear the thought of losing another.





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