These 8 Parenting Behaviors Are The Main Reason Stop Children From Being Successful, Studies Say

Raising a child is a very hard and demanding job. If you want to raise successful children, you need to be aware that sometimes your behavior might set your kids back from reaching their goals. We are going to explain 8 common mistakes parents make unknowingly.


Each parent can raise a child successfully regardless of the environment. Children must learn many things in their childhood. Always help your children out and teach them how to get back on their feet after setbacks. Even though parents might have the best intentions, they also make mistakes sometimes. Take a look at these 8 common behaviors that might keep your child from being successful.


1. Discouraging trying new things

Discouraging your child from trying something new might hold it back from being successful. Restrictive behavior is normal in parenting and some parents have the best intentions because they might think their child would fail. However, learning also involves failure, and your child must find a way to be positive about failure at a young age.

2. Over-coddling

Doing everything for your child even the things it is capable of doing alone will not raise a well-functioning adult. You are not always going to be there for your child and you need to let it learn how to do things without your help. One example of over-coddling is doing the laundry for your children even when they are teenagers or young adults.


3. Praising small things

Too much praise for your children can have a negative impact on their future success. It will not motivate them to continue and do more. If you praise a child for dressing themselves will not encourage them to do this if they don’t receive praise next time. Focus praising your children only when they make significant accomplishments such as in their educational performance.


4. Discouraging friendships

Researchers have discovered that the parents of successful children helped them create effective social networks. Children need strong social support system on which they can rely during stress or times of uncertainty.


5. Helicoptering

Hovering over your child is annoying but also makes your child think they are incapable of doing anything by themselves. This will lead to an adult that is unable to take risks and who will doubt themselves every step they take regardless of how capable they actually are.


6. Overly strict behavior

Harsh parenting can lead to your child having emotional difficulties as well as lower self-control. If you are overly restrictive with your child, you will not teach them how to manage their behavior within reasonable boundaries. Give them some space and freedom in order to experience more in life.

7. Discouraging emotional expression

It is extremely important to have a healthy parent-child relationship. In this relationship, you must have a balance that involves honest discussion about feelings such as anxiety, worry, frustration, and anything that might upset your child. They should learn how to handle these emotions instead of suppressing them.


8. Not practicing what is taught

Children pay a lot of attention to their parents’ behavior. If they don’t see you do the things you teach them, you give them a mixed message and they might be confused when determining what is right and what is wrong.



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