The Word You See First Reveals Something Hidden About Your Personality

We are subconsciously attracted to things that we think about, like, or match our personalities.

So when you look at a word puzzle like the one below, the word you see first will actually reveal a lot about you and the kind of person you are!

Scroll down to see what the word you saw first says about you.

1. Honest

If you have seen this word first, then you are sincere, true and honest. Although there are negative words on the list, you have been attracted to the word “honest” because you are the kind of person who likes to be in touch with others. Be an honest person, but you know the value of that trait or appreciate it in you.

2. Love

Love makes your world live! If that was the first word you discovered, then you are a loving person with his heart in his sleeve. You are always looking for the best in the world and can attract the love of each person or situation. Your personality is generous, warm and extremely friendly. There are only a few people in the world who love as much and unconditionally as you.

3. Kind

Few people see this word first and few people are really friendly. Kindness is an attribute that few people have today. If you’ve seen this word first, it’s because your subconscious is trying to show you what rare personality you have. Your kindness is your crowning achievement and is particularly appreciated by those in your life.

4. Death

If that was the first word you saw, then you have the personality that thinks about mortality. This reflects a dark side of your personality and a tendency to be a little pathological. People with this type of personality can be either a pessimist or simply a profound thinker obsessed with the meaning of life.

5. Wise

People who think and love to look at the deepest things in life are attracted to this word. If you first saw this word, you are the kind of person who craves knowledge and always tries to understand things instead of judging them. You believe that true wisdom comes from understanding and you understand more than most others.

6. Rage

You have anger in your soul, if that’s the first word you’ve seen. You may not even notice it, but your subconscious is trying to let you know that you have an inner rage and that you have to deal with it before you cook and destroy yourself or destroy someone in your path. This anger could come from old wounds or pains.

7. Doom

To recognize this word first is a sign of rebellion. This shows that you are looking for change and that you want to oppose society and expectations. You can be perceived as an anarchist and want to reach the end of society to build something better, beautiful. Few people recognize this word first.

8. Loyal

People who are attracted by this word are motivated by loyalty and particularly appreciate it. You understand the value of this and need time to build it, but if you are loyal to someone, you will never deceive. You despise backdoors and do not understand people who are not as loyal as you. Loyalty is what motivates you, what sets you apart.

9. Truth

You are a truth seeker. If your subconscious has chosen that word first, then you are the kind of person who hates lies and will always try to discover the truth. Although many people appreciate the truth, you are not looking for everyone because they may be afraid of it, but you would rather have a hard truth than a white lie. You value truth in themselves and others.

10. Break

You can keep it hidden, but your personality has a destructive side. If your subconscious was attracted by this word, then you have the kind of personality that is always trying to extract you from the limits of “normalcy”. You hate being caught and tagged and love to break things to make a difference. You are attracted by the idea of revolution and can be a great leader for anarchy.

11. Hate

If that was the first word you saw, it could take over your dark side. You are constantly struggling between your light and your bright side and your darkest tendencies, and your subconscious may be trying to tell you that your negativity is coming. You may be fueled by hate because of a particular situation or experience, but you should not let it eat your soul. Hate can be toxic and you have to be careful.

12. Trust

You trusting and trusted at the same time. If that was the first word you saw, it shows your innate confidence in the world around you. You understand the value of a person’s trust in you and your ability to trust others. This is one of the rarest qualities that made you recognize this word first.